The government has extended the ban on the import of expensive mobiles and other goods till Mangsir end.

The cabinet meeting held on Friday decided to continue the import ban on four types of goods: expensive vehicles, alcohol, mobile phones and motorcycles.

With this decision, the ban on the import of smart phones worth more than 300 dollars, foreign liquor, motorcycles above 150 cc, as well as jeeps, cars and vans will continue until the end of November.

The government had imposed a complete ban on the import of 10 types of goods from the Baishakh due to the low reserves of foreign currency .

The government imposed a ban on Asar 31 by making the ban more strict. However, on 14 Bhadra, the ban on 6 types of goods including kurkure, diamonds and others was lifted and the import ban on vehicles, mobile phones, alcohol and motorcycles was kept unchanged.