DishHome internet package price list -Updated 2080


DishHome Internet- Fibernet, which is currently providing 10 50 to 600 Mbps service in Nepal, is the cheapest internet service provider with quality service in Nepal.

DishHome Fibernet is currently offering the cheapest 50Mbps internet at just Rs 846 per month (VAT included).

DishHome, which started providing internet service in Nepal by announcing packages of 25 and 40 Mbps capacity, is now providing internet service ranging from 50 to 600 Mbps according to the customer’s needs.

Here you can find DishHome internet package Updated price list.

DishHome Internet New offer in Nepal

DishHome Fibernet ( Internet only) Renew Price – With VAT

Bandwidth1 Month12 Months
10 Mbps4514960
15 Mbps5075581
50 Mbps8468813
75 Mbps9449899
100 Mbps104510960
150 Mbps122011950
200 Mbps132212192
250 Mbps147514035
300 Mbps157615865
600 Mbps254127955
Some extra charge will be applied for installing new connection. For more details, you can contact the DishHome dealer. ( Contact Number: 9861892121, All over Nepal )

DishHome Fibernet ( Internet only) Price for new connection – With VAT

Bandwidth1 Month12 Months
10 Mbps32765525
15 Mbps33326146
50 Mbps42369387
75 Mbps433410464
100 Mbps443511525
150 Mbps461012515
200 Mbps471212757
250 Mbps486514600
300 Mbps496616430
600 Mbps536628520
For more details, you can contact the DishHome dealer. ( Contact Number: 9861892121, All over Nepal )

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Dishhome has just announced its Festive Fibernet offer. In this offer, the company has announced a package with three schemes with unlimited bandwidth( No FUP).

  • Dishhome Fibernet
  • Dishhome Fibernet + Dishhome ITV
  • Dishhome Fibernet + DTH Combo

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Dish Home Fibernet

Under Dishhome Fibernet , you only need to pay money for the internet . While other service providers are offering packages that must includes TV. Compared to others, this package of Dishhome is very cheap and you can also easily change the scheme to another when you need to. The main benefit of this plan is unlimited internet with no FUP. You can browse unlimited internet using this plan.

When taking Dishhome Fibernet internet, you will get a single band ONU router if you pay for internet service of 10, 15 and 50 Mbps. If you pay for internet service of 75, 100, 150, 200, and 250 Mbps, you will get a 5G dual band ONU router.

Similarly, when taking 300 and 600 Mbps internet service, the customer will get a WIFI-6 ONU Router.

Dish Home TV and internet package

Dish Home Fibernet + Dishhome ITV

Under Dishhome Fibernet + Dishhome ITV you will also get an IPTV along with Dishhome Fibernet Connection.

Dish Home Fibernet + DTH Combo

Similarly, under the Dishhome Fibernet + DTH Combo scheme, you will also get Dish Home DTH along with Fibernet and you will have to pay Rs 3999 (tax included) for the materials required to install Dish Home DTH.

The price ( Including VAT)under Dishhome Fibernet Scheme is as follows.

DishHome Fibernet’s latest price in Nepal

If you want to Install TV Channel also, you have to pay Rs 282 Extra per month. There will be Some extra charge for TV setup box.

Contact The Dealer for more information ( Contact Number : 9861892121, All over Nepal )