The Nepali smartphone scene has got a new champion: the much-anticipated Honor X8B. Unveiled at the Mobile World Congress, this device has not only impressed with its features but also set a new benchmark with its affordable price tag of just Rs 29,999.

Storage Mastery: 512 GB Unleashed

The crown jewel of the X8B is undoubtedly its colossal 512 GB storage capacity, offered at an exceptional price point. Honor boasts that this device stands alone in the market, providing such expansive storage at this price. Say goodbye to storage anxieties and embrace an unmatched user experience with computer-level storage.

The Grand Unveiling: Launch Event Highlights

Barcelona witnessed not only the X8B’s debut but also the grand unveiling of the Magic Six Series, Magic Vitu Series, and MagicBook Pro 16, showcasing Honor’s dedication to innovation and diversity.

Pre-Booking Exclusive Ends

The pre-booking phase, initiated by Celltron Nepal, has concluded. The X8B is now ready for purchase across the nation.

Performance Beyond Limits

Powering the X8B is a formidable combination of 16 GB RAM( 8GB Internal RAM+8GB Honor Turo RAM) and 512 GB storage. This powerhouse, running on Android 13-based Magic OS 7.2 and fPowered by Android 13 based Magic OS 7.2 and Qualcomm Snapdragon 680, the Honor X8B delivers a seamless user experience, with Google services readily available.

Capturing Every Detail: Camera Excellence

The Honor X8B is equipped with a powerful triple-camera setup at the rear, featuring a remarkable 108 MP main camera, a wide depth camera, and a 2 MP macro camera. Selfie enthusiasts will appreciate the 50 MP front camera, ensuring stunning and detailed self-portraits.

Visual Splendor: Display and Design

The smartphone boasts a cutting-edge 6.7-inch AMOLED display, providing vibrant visuals with HBM brightness of 1200 nits and a maximum brightness of 2000 nits. The display’s 90Hz refresh rate and 3,240Hz PWM dimming feature contribute to eye protection, making it ideal for prolonged smartphone usage. The Honor X8B also stands out in terms of design, measuring just 6.78mm in thickness and weighing a mere 166 grams.

Battery and Charging

A robust 4500 mAh battery powers the X8B, ensuring extended usage without constant charging. With claims of up to 46 hours of music streaming on a single charge, the X8B is built to endure. And with the 35W wired Honor Super Charger, fast charging becomes a reality.

Accessible Luxury: Price and Availability

Exclusively offered by Celltron Nepal, the 16 GB RAM and 512 GB storage variant of the Honor X8B comes at a compelling price of Rs 29,999. This technological marvel is conveniently available through official retailers and popular online platforms.

In Conclusion

The Honor X8B is more than just a smartphone; it’s a game-changer in the Nepali market. With unparalleled storage, exceptional performance, captivating cameras, and an elegant design, all at an affordable price, it redefines the smartphone experience. Don’t miss the chance to embrace this technological leap forward. The future is here with the Honor X8B; are you ready?