Iphone 15 price in nepal

In a strategic move to enhance its market presence and make cutting-edge technology more accessible to consumers, Apple has recently implemented a noteworthy reduction in the prices of various iPhone models in the global market. This reduction is not only limited to international markets but has also reached the Nepali market, providing enthusiasts with more affordable options and paving the way for increased iPhone adoption.

Reduction in iPhone 15 Prices:

The prices of several iPhone models, including the recently launched iPhone 15, have been reduced in the updated pricing list. For instance, the iPhone 15 with a 128GB capacity, previously priced at Rs.145,390, is now available at an attractive Rs.135,200. This reduction reflects Apple’s commitment to making advanced technology more accessible to a broader audience.

Competitive Pricing for iPhone 15 Pro Max:

The iPhone 15 Pro Max, known for its top-of-the-line features and capabilities, has also witnessed a price drop. The 1 TB variant, previously priced at 296,990 rupees, is now available at a more competitive rate of 289,900 rupees. This adjustment is likely to attract consumers who prioritize storage capacity without compromising on performance, making the Pro Max variant an even more appealing option.

Across-the-Board Price Reductions:

Beyond the iPhone 15 series, Apple has extended its price reduction strategy to various other models, including iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone 13, and iPhone 14. This comprehensive approach underscores the company’s commitment to providing a diverse range of users with access to cutting-edge technology at more budget-friendly prices.

Impact on the Nepali Market price:

The reduction in iPhone prices in the Nepali market signifies a positive development for consumers in the region. As Apple continues to make its products more competitively priced, it not only enhances the brand’s appeal but also contributes to increased smartphone adoption. The move aligns with Apple’s broader strategy of reaching a wider audience and fostering a stronger user base in emerging markets.

New Iphone Price In Nepal

New iPhone Price List (2024)

Model NameCapacityNew PriceOld Price
iPhone 11128 GB75,90085,500
iPhone 12128 GB85,10095,500
iPhone 13128 GB95,0001,06,500
iPhone 14128 GB1,14,0001,25,500
iPhone 15128 GB1,35,2001,45,390
iPhone 15256 GB1,54,2001,64,490
iPhone 15512 GB1,91,9002,02,490
iPhone 15 Plus128 GB1,54,2001,64,990
iPhone 15 Plus256 GB1,73,0002,83,490
iPhone 15 Plus512 GB2,10,8002,20,990
iPhone 15 Pro128 GB1,76,5001,83,490
iPhone 15 Pro256 GB1,95,4002,02,490
iPhone 15 Pro512 GB2,33,2002,39,990
iPhone 15 Pro1 TB2,70,9002,77,990
iPhone 15 Pro Max256 GB2,14,3002,20,990
iPhone 15 Pro Max512 GB2,52,1002,59,990
iPhone 15 Pro Max1 TB2,89,9002,96,990