Latest Diesel,Petrol Prices in Nepal – 2023

Fuel Prices Drop in Nepal

The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has reduced the prices of petroleum products.

Effective from 1 AM on Sunday, the Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has lowered the prices of petrol, diesel, and kerosene.

The new prices have been set based on the price list sent by the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC).

NOC has reduced the price of petrol by NPR 3 per liter, and diesel and kerosene by NPR 1 per liter.

The new prices will be applicable in different parts of the country, divided into three categories by NOC.

Category One includes areas like Charaali, Biratnagar, Birgunj, Janakpur, Amlekhgunj, Bhairahawa, Nepalgunj, and Dhangadhi.

  • Petrol: NPR 162.50 per liter
  • Diesel and Kerosene: NPR 149.50 per liter

Category Two includes Surkhet and Dang areas.

  • Petrol: NPR 164 per liter
  • Diesel and Kerosene: NPR 151 per liter

Category Three includes Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Dipayal areas.

  • Petrol: NPR 165 per liter
  • Diesel and Kerosene: NPR 152 per liter

NOC does not purchase crude oil directly from the international market. It buys all refined petroleum products from IOC. IOC sends a price list every fifteen days based on the cost of crude oil in the international market.

The prices set by IOC include the cost of crude oil, processing fees, and other expenses. NOC then adds customs duties, administrative costs, transportation costs, and dealer commissions to determine the final consumer prices. This is how the prices of petrol, diesel, kerosene, and cooking LPG gas are determined.

Recent Petrol Price Drop in Nepal

Petrol: -3 rupees per liter
Diesel: -1 rupees per liter
Kerosene: -1 rupees per liter

Cooking Gas : No change

After the price changes, the petrol price in Kathmandu will be 165 rupees per liter and diesel price in Kathmandu will be 152 rupees per liter.

Price Categories

The NOC has divided the country into three categories for the price of petroleum products:

Category 1: Charali, Biratnagar, Birganj, Janakpur, Amlekhganj, Bhalwari, Nepalgunj, and Dhangadhi areas
Category 2: Surkhet and Dang areas
Category 3: Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Dipayal regions

New Petrol Price in Nepal

CategoryPetrol (Rs/liter)Diesel (Rs/liter)Kerosene (Rs/liter)

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