Latest Diesel,Petrol Prices in Nepal – 2023

Update: Nepal Oil Corporation has increased the prices of diesel, petrol, kerosene. The meeting held on Friday evening by the board of directors of the corporation decided to increase the price of petroleum products.

The price of diesel and petrol and kerosene has increased by Rs 2 per liter. According to Nepal Oil Corporation, the price of cooking gas has not changed this time.

The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has changed the prices of petrol, diesel, and kerosene effective from Friday (Feb 16, 2024). The new prices will be applicable across the country.

Recent Petrol Price increased In Nepal

Petrol: 2 rupees per liter
Diesel: 2 rupees per liter
Kerosene: 2 rupees per liter

Cooking Gas : No change

After the price changes, the petrol price in Kathmandu will be 172 rupees per liter and diesel price in kathmandu will be 160 rupees per liter.

Price Categories

The NOC has divided the country into three categories for the price of petroleum products:

Category 1: Charali, Biratnagar, Birganj, Janakpur, Amlekhganj, Bhalwari, Nepalgunj, and Dhangadhi areas
Category 2: Surkhet and Dang areas
Category 3: Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Dipayal regions

New Petrol Price in Nepal

CategoryPetrol (Rs/liter)Diesel (Rs/liter)Kerosene (Rs/liter)

New Prices Across Regions:

Under the revised pricing structure, in major cities such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, and Dipalaya, consumers have to pay Rs. 172 per liter for petrol, while diesel and kerosene will be priced at Rs. 160 per liter. In regions within 15 km of Charali, Biratnagar Janakpur, Amlekhganj, Bhalwari, Nepalgunj, Dhangadhi, and Birgunj depots, the retail price for petrol stands at 169 rupees 50 paise per liter. Diesel and kerosene will be available at a reasonable 157 rupees 50 paise per liter.

For those within the vicinity of Surkhet and Dang depots, petrol prices have been adjusted to Rs 171per liter, with diesel and kerosene following suit at Rs 159 per liter. This strategic move by the Oil Corporation aims to create a fair and uniform pricing structure across different regions, ensuring that the benefits of the price reduction reach consumers nationwide.

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