On the proposal of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply, the government has decided to extend the ban on imports from Jesth 13 to bhadra 14 with modifications.

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply has continued the ban on the 10 banned items with more strictness.

On Sunday, the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Supply published a notice in the gazette and continued the ban imposed on Baisakh until Bhadra 14.
According to the new gazette, the import ban on motorcycles above 150 cc and mobiles priced above $300 has been added.

Earlier, the import of motorcycles above 250 cc and mobile phones above $600 was banned.

Due to low foreign exchange reserves in the country, the government has restricted the import of non-essential goods.

The government has banned imports from Sunday, ranging from food items to vehicles.

Now until 14th of Bhadra, snack foods like Kurkure and lay’s cannot be imported. Likewise, any type of prepared liquor cannot be brought to Nepal.

Check out the list of 10 items banned by the government:

  1. Kurkure, lay’s , chips and similar products
  2. All types of prepared liquor (excluding raw materials)
  3. Cigarettes and tobacco products (except raw materials)
  4. Diamonds (other than industrial raw materials)
  5. Mobile sets worth more than 300 USD
  6. Color televisions above thirty-two inches
  7. Jeeps, cars and vans (except ambulances)
  8. Motorcycles with a capacity of more than 150 cc
  9. All kinds of toys
  10. Playingcards