Xiaomi has reduced the price of its smartphones in the Nepali market.

Under this offer, Xiaomi has reduced the price of the Redmi Note 11 series by Rs 1000, Xiaomi 12 series by Rs 3,000 and the recently launched Poco M5 by Rs 500.

The company has reduced the prices of various models for consumers who purchase Xiaomi smartphones from today (Ashoj 24) to Kartik 14th on the occasion of the festival.
Xiaomi has reduced the prices of some products of all its brands available in Nepal.

You can check the discounted pricelists from below.

S No.ProductCurrent PriceTemporary DiscountScheme Price
1Redmi Note 11 4/6423,999100022,999
2Redmi Note 11 4/12824,999100023,999
3Redmi Note 11 6/12827,999100026,999
4Redmi Note 11S 6/12830,999100029,999
5Redmi Note 11S 8/12832,999100031,999
6Redmi Note 11 Pro 6/12834,999100033,999
7Redmi Note 11 Pro 8/12836,999100035,999
8Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G 6/12838,499100037,499
9Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G 8/12841,499100040,499
10Redmi 10A 2/3213,99970013,299
11Xiaomi 12X 8/25671,999300068,999
12Xiaomi 12 8/25687,999300084,999
13POCO M5 4/6420,49950019,999
14POCO M5 6/12824,49950023,999