OPPO founder and CEO Tony Chen virtually attended the IFA 2020 Special Edition held in Berlin, Germany and gave a speech at the Qualcomm keynote session via videoconference. In his speech, Tony Chen reviewed the history of cooperation between OPPO and Qualcomm and emphasized that the two parties will continue to work together in promoting the global rollout of 5G products.

 “OPPO and Qualcomm have shared a very long, close, and trusting partnership,” remarked Tony Chen. “We have worked together on smartphone development and in other areas. This year we launched several smartphones and 5G CPE products equipped with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon mobile platform in Europe and other international markets, bringing consumers more 5G product choices and experiences. In the future OPPO will continue to partner with Qualcomm to promote the large-scale commercial use of 5G products worldwide. “

he further emphasized that OPPO Plans to Strengthen Strategic Partnership with Qualcomm to Accelerate the Global Adoption of 5G . As the era of intelligent connectivity is emerging, OPPO will continue to increase investment in cutting-edge technology including 5G, AI, AR, and big data. Upholding “Benfen” as the core value, the company will always respect global market rules and norms in developing global business. Further, to achieve a win-win for everyone, OPPO will work alongside global industry chain partners with an open mind on 5G mobile technology innovations. In this way, OPPO and its partners aim to provide users with a quick, convenient, and exciting technology experience, and will collaborate towards building a new ecosystem of intelligent connectivity.