Sending money to anyone can be a challenging task, especially when you need to provide multiple details, including the recipient’s bank account number and branch details. However, with the latest update from Connect IPS, you can now send money quickly and easily by using just the recipient’s mobile number.

About Connect IPS:

Connect IPS is a payment system that allows you to transfer funds from your bank account to another bank account within Nepal. It is a one-stop platform for all your financial transactions, including mobile top-ups, bill payments and fund transfers. It is a secure and reliable system that offers fast and hassle-free transactions.

Connect-IPS NEW feature:

The latest feature introduced by Connect IPS is the ‘NepalPay Instant’ feature that enables you to send money to any mobile number. This feature eliminates the need for providing bank account details, making it a quick and convenient way to send money.

To use this feature, you need to open the Connect IPS website or mobile app and select the ‘Nepal Pay Instant’ option. Next, select your bank account in the ‘Sender Account’ section, enter the amount you want to transfer, and select the recipient’s bank and mobile number in the ‘Beneficiary Details’ section. Finally, select the bank name and mobile number from the options and click on the ‘Pay’ option to complete the transaction.

Send Money Easily Using Connect IPS with Mobile Number -Nepalpay

The system uses a Virtual Private Address (VPA) to make the transaction secure and reliable. This feature is available on both the app and website and can be used to transfer up to 10 lakh rupees through the web channel and 1 lakh rupees through the mobile channel in a single transaction.

Connect IPS is continually updating its platform to make financial transactions more accessible and convenient for its users. The latest feature, NepalPay Instant, enables you to send money quickly and easily using just the recipient’s mobile number. It is a secure and reliable way to transfer funds within Nepal and is available on both the app and website. So, next time you need to send money to someone, try using Connect IPS with a mobile number for a hassle-free experience.