The share price of IME General Insurance (IGI) has been adjusted. As soon as the insurance company closed the book for the purpose of rightshare, Nepse has fixed the new price by adjusting the share price.

Nepse has adjusted price for 40 percent rightshares of the insurance company. After the adjustment, the share price of the insurance company stood at Rs 819.29. Nepse has adjusted the share price of insurance based on the last price of the previous trading day. The last trading was on the previous trading day at Rs 1,107 per share.

Insurance is going to issue right shares in the ratio of 100 : 40.

The 23rd Annual General Meeting of Insurance held on baishakh 12 , 2078 passed a resolution to issue 40 percent of the paid up capital.

Based on the same adjusted price, the insurance business will open in the secondary market today.