The IPO issued by Jalpa Community Microfinance Institution will be alloted at 5 pm today.

According to Prabhu Capital Limited, the issue manager of the company, the IPO distribution is being prepared at 5 pm.

According to the Securities Issuance and Distribution Directive, only 48,790 people will get the IPO of Jalpa Microfinance at the rate of 10 kitta. The remaining 26 lakh will be empty handed.

The company had called for the purchase of shares worth Rs 4 crore 87 laakh 90 thousand from the public from magh 21 magh to 25.

At present, the paid up capital of Laghubitta is Rs. 10 crore 78 lakh. After the IPO allotment, the paid up capital of microfinance will reach 16 crore.

The company had sold the IPO to the public from magh 21 to magh 25.