If you’re an eSewa user, you must pay attention to this new update. eSewa has started charging a service fee for users who send money from one esewa account to another esewa account more than two times per day .

Earlier the company was offering free transfer from eSewa to eSewa. But now users can make up to two transactions per day and up to 30 transactions per month for free. Any transaction above this will incur a service charge of Rs.5 per transaction.

According to a company representative , this change is necessary to improve the quality of service for all eSewa users. While it may inconvenience some users who frequently transfer funds, the service fee will help maintain the security and efficiency of the platform.

But still eSewa is giving cashback for other transactions, such as mobile top-ups and some bill payments. The new service fee only applies to transactions between eSewa accounts.

As of now, the company plans to keep the service fee at five rupees per transaction, but this may be subject to change in the future.