If you are thinking of buying shares, it is the time to prepare money and keep it.
Various 28 companies have made final preparations for the initial public offering (IPO).

The companies in the pipeline of the Nepal Securities Board are preparing to issue shares worth more than Rs 7 arba. There are 18 hydropower companies are making final preparations to issue of shares. Similarly, 6 microfinance, 2 insurance and 2 other companies are also preparing for IPO.

According to the Securities and Exchange Board, all the companies are going to issue a total of 6 crore 72 lakh 46 Thousand Kitta IPOs worth Rs 7 arba 39 crore 66 lakh 4 hundred . The companies in the pipeline will issue IPOs as soon as they get permission from the board. The IPO has to be issued within two months of the board’s approval.

Sayapatri Hydropower has going to issue nine lakh Kitta IPO worth Rs 9 crore.

Similarly, Molung Hydropower Company has selected a issue manager to issue 35 lakh 31 thousand unit IPO . The company will issue shares worth Rs 35 crore 31 lakh at the rate of Rs 100 per share.

Here is the list of 24 company which are on the pipeline on Security board of Nepal.

  1. Sayapatri Hydropower Ltd. (For Local & General Public) -900,000 unit worth 90,000,000
  2. Molung Hydropower Company Ltd; (For Local and General Public) 3,531,000 unit IPO worth Rs 353,100,000
  3. Reliable Life Insurance Ltd; (For General Public @ Rs.212 -along with premium Rs. 112)  6,000,000 unit  worth Rs.1,272,000,000 , Issue manager Civil Capital Market Ltd.
  4. Three Star Hydropower Ltd.(For Local and General Public)  1,231,250 Kitta  worth Rs.123,125,000
  5. Rapti Hydro and General Construction Limited (For Local and General Public)  2,941,410 Kitta worth  Rs. 294,141,000
  6. Cyc Nepal Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. 395,336 Kitta worth  Rs. 39,533,600
  7. Adarsha Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd, 60,000 Kitta worth  Rs. 6,000,000
  8. Swetganga Hydropower and Construction Ltd.(For Local and General Public) 4,779,000 Kitta worth  Rs. 477,900,000
  9. Mandakini Hydropower Ltd. (For Local and General Public) 1,764,110 Kitta worth  Rs.  176,411,000
  10. Sikles Hydropower Limited (For Local and General Public)  2,000,000 Kitta worth  Rs. 200,000,000
  11. Supermai Hydropower Ltd.(For Local and General Public) 1,000,000 Kitta worth  Rs. 100,000,000
  12. Sanjen Jalavidhyut Co. Ltd. (For Local) Hydropower IPO 3,650,000 Kitta worth  Rs. 365,000,000
  13. Eastern Hydropower Ltd. (For Local and General Public) 1,240,000 Kitta worth  Rs.  124,000,000
  14. Dish Media Network Limited 2,385,929 Kitta worth  Rs.238,592,900
  15. IME Life Insurance Co Ltd.  6,000,000 Kitta worth  Rs. 600,000,000
  16. Upakar Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.  266,250 Kitta worth  Rs.26,625,000
  17. River Falls Power Ltd.(For Local and General Public)  3,430,000 Kitta worth  Rs. 343,000,000
  18. Bindhyabasini Hydropower Development Co. Ltd. (For Local People & General Public)  2,500,000 Kitta worth  Rs. 250,000,000
  19. Himalayan Hydropower Limited (For Local People & General Public)  2,250,000 Kitta worth  Rs.225,000,000
  20. Balephi Hydropower Ltd. (For Local & Geneal Public)  3,655,940 Kitta worth  Rs. 365,594,000
  21. Green Ventures Ltd. (For Local & General Public)  6,250,000 Kitta worth  Rs.625,000,000
  22. NESDO Sambridha Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Limited, 828,750 Kitta worth  Rs.82,875,000
  23. Dordi Khola Jalbidhyut Co. Ltd. (For Local & Public)  2,951,929 Kitta worth  Rs.295,192,900
  24. Upper Solu Hydro Electric Company (For Local & General Public)  3,307,500 Kitta worth  Rs.330,750,000
  25. Upper Hewakhola Hydropower Co. Ltd. (For Local & General Public)  2,000,000 Kitta worth  Rs. 200,000,000
  26. Jalpa Samudayik Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd.  522,000 Kitta worth  Rs.52,200,000
  27. Rastra Utthan Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha,  850,000 Kitta worth  Rs. 85,000,000
  28. Emerging Nepal Limited Others IPO 555,600 Kitta worth  Rs.55,560,000