Share prices of five companies, including Nabil Bank, were adjusted on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) on Friday. Shares of Krishi Vikas Bank, Nabil Bank Himalayan Distillery, Goodwill Finance and Forward Microfinance Financial Institution Limited have been adjusted in Nepse on this day.

After the companies closed the book for the general meeting and dividend distribution, Nepse adjusted the share price and fixed the new price.

On the same day, Nepse adjusted its bonus shares to 33.60 per cent for NABIL, 75 per cent for Himalayan Distillery (HDL), 9.10 per cent for Goodwill Finance, 35 per cent for Forward Microfinance and 20 per cent for Agriculture Development Bank. After adjustment, the share price of Nabil Bank stood at Rs 1,085.33, Himalayan Distillery at Rs 3,925.71, Goodwill Finance at Rs 533.46, Forward Microfinance at Rs 1,962.96 and Agriculture Development Bank at Rs 410.

Nepse has adjusted the share price of these companies based on the last price of the previous trading day. On the previous trading day, Nabil Bank had last traded at Rs 1,450 per share, Himalayan Distillery at Rs 6,870, Goodwill Finance (GFCL) at Rs 582, Forward Microfinance (FOWAD) at Rs 2,650 and Agriculture Development Bank at Rs 492.

The shares of these companies will be traded in the secondary market on Tuesday based on the adjusted price.