Many people have a problem that does not heal quickly even after taking medicine for a long time. Similarly, many people complain to the doctor that they do not get relief even after taking medicine. And they start taking other medicines. There may be many reasons for this but one common reason is that people make a lot of mistakes while taking medicine, which sometimes makes the problem worse, so sometimes it becomes a serious disease. Due to which the condition of the patient does not improve and other diseases may also occur.

In some cases, people take medicine for minor or major ailments only after consulting a chemist (Medicine Seller). This can make your problem worse. So to avoid such mistakes, it is important to understand what kind of mistakes that we make while taking medicine, which can aggravate the problem, and also to know the right way to do it.

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1.Don’t eat medicine that has fallen to the ground
Many people pick up the medicine that has fallen on the ground and eat it. But that should not be done. In fact, there may be dirt or germs on the floor or where the medicine has fallen. Taking medicine that has fallen on the ground can be very harmful, so do not take medicine that has fallen.

2. Not taking the whole medicine

Many patients do not take the whole medicine. They do not like to take more medicine, so if the doctor prescribes medicine for 15 days, they only take it for 5 days. In this case, if the whole medicine is not eaten, the problem may increase. Then problem may be cured for a few days but then it may recur.

3. Taking multiple medications at the same time

Often patients take several medications at the same time. Sometimes It may also cause them problems. In fact, patients take two or three medicines at the same time in the morning and in the evening. According to the doctor, taking multiple medications at the same time, the interval of taking medicine should be half or one hour or according to the advice of the doctor. Only then is the drug effective. Otherwise it can cause damage.

4.Transferring medicine from one bottle to another

Sometimes people move medicine from one bottle to another. You should not do this at all because there may be other medicine left in the bottle or germs may have accumulated, which can cause great harm to your health.

5. Understand how to take medicine well

Sometimes we don’t even try to listen and understand when and how to take the medicine. It can also cause problems. Many times, instead of taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor, we take our own medicine, which can increase the problem.

Alzheimer’s: A disease that affects not only the patient but also the whole family

6. Don’t keep the medicine on the fridge

Many people have a habit of keeping medicines in the fridge. Not every medicine should be kept in the fridge. In fact,  the packaging of all medicines contains information about the storage temperature. You should store it at the same temperature. Improperly stored medicines may not work properly.

7. Check the expiration date of the medicine

Many times we go to the medicine store and buy the medicine by showing the prescription but do not check the expiration date of the medicine, this should not be done. You should always check the expiry date of the medicine. And you can search on the internet about the medicine so that you know which medicine you are taking.

Alzheimer’s: A disease that affects not only the patient but also the whole family