Today (Poush 12) is the last day to secure the dividends of the three companies listed in Nepse.

For the purpose of AGM, Mahalakshmi Development Bank, Nirdhan Utthan Laghuvitta and Nepal Hydro Developers are closing the book tomorrow. Accordingly, the existing shareholders till Poush 12 will be able to participate in the general meeting of these companies and receive dividends distributed by these companies.

Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Limited (MLBL) has proposed a 21.0526% dividend on the paid-up capital of Rs 3.34 Arba. 20% bonus shares and 1.0526% cash dividend (including tax) have been proposed.

To pass the Proposal, the bank has convened its twentieth annual general meeting on Sunday, Poush 25 at Army Officers Club, Bhadrakali. The meeting will start at 11 am.

Nirdhan Utthan Microfinance Financial Institution Limited (NUBL) has convened its 23rd Annual General Meeting at the Central Office, Naxal on Sunday, Poush 25 to approve the dividend announced to be distributed to the shareholders from the last financial year’s profits. The meeting will be conducted through virtual medium at 1 o’clock in the day.

The meeting will pass a proposal to distribute 29.5 percent bonus shares of the existing paid up capital and 1.55 percent cash dividend for tax purposes. In addition, the meeting will also pass Proposal to increase the authorized capital from Rs 2 arba 50 crore to Rs 3 arba.

Nepal Hydro Developer (NHDL) has convened its 15th Annual General Meeting to approve the dividend. The company has called a general meeting through virtual medium from the registered office of the company on Poush 28 at 3 pm.

The company will pass the proposed 7 percent bonus share and 0.3684 percent cash dividend from last fiscal year’s profits. Similarly, the company will also pass a proposal to make necessary amendments in the management letter to increase the issued capital and paid up capital.