Shares of Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower are listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).

40 lakh kitta shares, including shares distributed to the public, has been listed on Nepse.

Shares of Buddhabhumi Nepal Hydropower will be traded on Nepse from Monday through BNHC signal.

Nepse has provided an opening range of a minimum of Rs 84.05 paisa to a maximum of Rs 252.15 paisa per Kitta for the first trade. Shares of the company will be traded on monday within that price range.

The company’s shares are listed on Nepse about three and a half months after the IPO was issued to the public.

Buddhabhumi had issued 800,000 ordinary shares at a face value of Rs 100 per share from Ashoj 11 to ashoj 14. Of this, 5% or 40,000 shares were allocated for Mutual funds and 2% or 16,000 shares for employees. The general public had been apply for the remaining Share.