In this week , 7 crore 29 lakh 80 thousand 948 shares have been listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE).
Shares of 16 different companies were listed this week.

According to the Nepal Stock Exchange, all the shares listed this week are bonus shares.
This week, 37,78,389.61 Kitta shares of Lumbini Development Bank have been listed. the bank had given 13 percent share bonus from the last financial year’s profit. Similarly, 10 percent bonus shares of Bank of Kathmandu (96,58,176.429 Kitta), 75 percent bonus shares of Himalayan Distillery (65,07,767.81 Kitta), 10 percent bonus shares of ICFC Finance (10,28,494 Kitta) are listed.
Likewise, 17.575 percent (84,56,300.53 Kitta) bonus shares of Muktinath Bikash Bank, 8 percent bonus shares of Nepal Credit and Commerce Bank (82,51,613.34 Kitta), 11 percent Bonus shares of Jyoti Bikas Bank (42,29,305.06 Kitta) , 30 percent bonus shares of Nepal Lube Company (90,053 kitta ), 19 percent bonus shares of Civil Microfinance (4,60,030.621 Kitta) were listed.

Similarly 47.5 percent bonus shares of Mahila laghubitta (4,75,000 Kitta ), 20 percent bonus share of Mero Microfinance (20,00,000 kitta ), 12.611 percent bonus share of Nepal Investment Bank (2,05,02,118.23 kitta ) were listed on Nepse.

10 percent Bonus shares of Standard Chartered Bank (85,72,230.81 Kitta), 5 percent Bonus share of Civil Bank (43,21,830.42 Kitta) were listed.

8 percent Bonus share of Nifra (1,60,00,000 Kitta) and 10.93 percent bonus share of Shine Resunga Development Bank (37,25,451.0525 Kitta) Bonus shares were listed.

Of the listed companies, the shares of most of the companies have already reached the D-mat accounts of the investors while only a few companies are yet to come.