More than 1 crore units shares have been listed in Nepse on Sunday . On this day 1 core 10 lakhs 63 thousand 5 hundred 80 Units shares of Ridi Power Company Limited – RIDI have been listed in Nepse.

Ridi Power Company Limited (RIDI) After merger between Ridi Hydropower Development Company Limited (RHPC) & Rairang Hydropower Development Company Limited (RRHP) has been listed in NEPSE.
The shares maintained on the basis of share swap ratio of 1:0.93 ratio between Riddy and Rairang Hydropower have been listed in NEPSE.

A total of 1 crore 10 lakh 63 thousand 580 shares have been listed in nepse including 58 lakh 55 thousand 580 units shares of Ridi Hydropower and 52 lakh 8 thousand shares of Rairang Hydropower.

Nepse has fixed the price range at Rs 708.60 for the first transaction of the company. Stock trading will be open on Monday based on the same price.

Similarly, NEPSE said that after the merger, trading of the company will start under the symbol – ‘RIDI’. After the completion of the merger process, the integrated business was started on Asar 31.