More than 1 crore 59 lakh kitta bonus shares of three companies were listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) on Sunday.

A total of 1 crore 59 lakh 92 Thousand 5 hundred 26.34 kitta of bonus shares of Himalayan Distillery, Muktinath Development Bank and ICFC Finance have been listed in Nepse on this day. Among them, 65 lakh 7 thousand 767.81 kitta shares of Himalayan Distillery, 84 lakh 56 thousand 300.53 kitta shares of Muktinath Development Bank and 10 lakh 28 thousand 494 kitta shares of ICFC Finance are listed.

The bonus shares distributed by these companies for the last financial year are listed on Nepse.

Himalayan Distillery distributed 75 percent, Muktinath 17.575 percent and ICFC Finance 10 percent bonus shares for the last financial year.