In this article we are talking about the Insurance company in Nepal.

What is insurance ?

Insurance is a way of managing your risk. When you buy insurance, it will protect you from unexpected financial losses.
When something bad happens to you or something you insured, the insurance company pays you or someone you choose.

Insurance also helps us save money.

Insurance not only provides protection against financial loss, but also helps to save money for the future.

According to the latest report of Nepal Insurance Authority, there are currently 41 insurance companies in Nepal. So far, there are 19 life insurance companies, 20 non-life insurance companies and 2 reinsurance companies in Nepal.

Life Insurance: Life insurance provides the sum assured at the time of maturity or in case of death of the insured. In this, the insured has to pay the premium for a specified period (several years).

Non-life insurance : Non-life insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage for other things. Non-life insurance policies provide financial protection to an individual against losses due to health problems or property damage. It consist a short term policy, which needs to be renewed every year.

Life Insurance claim payment process

If the insured is alive after the expiry of the insurance period, the insurance company will pay the claim to him; and if the insured is dead, the company will pay to his next of kin.

If the insured is alive, he can go to the insurance company and collect the payment.

If the insured person dies before the end of the insurance period, his next of kin will get the payment.

Insurance company in Nepal


  1. Rastriya Beema Sansthan  :     View Website 
  2. National Life Insurance Co. Ltd.:   
  3. Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website
  4. Life Insurance Corporation (Nepal) Ltd.:    View Website
  5. Met Life (American Life Insurance Company) :    View Website
  6. Asian Life Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website
  7. Surya Life Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website
  8. Gurans Life Insurance Co. Ltd.:   View Website
  9. Prime Life Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website
  10. IME Life Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website
  11.   Union Life Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website
  12. Jyoti Life Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website
  13. Sun Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd:    View Website
  14. Reliance Life Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website
  15. Reliable Nepal Life Insurance Co. Ltd.:   View Website
  16. Citizen Lie Insurance Ltd.:   View Website
  17. Sanima Life Insurance Ltd.:   View Website
  18. Prabhu Life Insurance Co. Ltd.:   View Website
  19. Mahalaxmi Life Insurance Ltd.:    View Website


20. Nepal Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website

21. The Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website

22. National Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website

23. Himalayan Everest Insurance Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website

24. United Insurance Co. (Nepal) Ltd.:    View Website

25. Premier Insurance Co. (Nepal) Ltd. :    View Website

26. Neco Insurance Ltd.:    View Website

27. Sagarmatha Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website

28. Prabhu Insurance Ltd.:    View Website

29. IME General Insurance Ltd.:    View Website

30. Prudential Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website

31. Shikhar Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website

32. Lumbini General Insurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website

33. NLG Insurance Ltd.:    View Website

34. Siddhartha Insurance Ltd.:   View Website

35. Rastriya Beema Co. Ltd.:    View Website

36. Sanima General Insurance Ltd.:    View Website

37. Ajod Insurance Ltd.:    View Website

38. General Insurance Co. Nepal Ltd.:    View Website


39. Nepal Reinsurance Co. Ltd.:    View Website

40. Himalayan Reinsurance Ltd.:    View Website