The IPO of Emerging Nepal Limited will be alloted on Wednesday. According to issue manager NIC Asia Capital said the IPO will be alloted on wednesday at 3.30 pm.

The company had sold its IPO to the public from magh 26 to Phagun 1. The company’s IPO has received 54 times more applications than the demand.

Till the last day, 24 lakh 15 thousand 919 people had applied for the purchase of 2 crore 78 lakh 35 thousand 420 shares for the IPO purchase of the company.

Emerging Nepal had issued 5,55,600 kitta IPOs worth Rs 5,55,60,000.

Out of which 2 percent or 11 thousand 112 shares had been secured for employees and 5 percent or 27 thousand 780 shares have been secured for Mutual funds. And, the remaining 5 lakh 16 thousand 708 shares had issued to the public.