Emerging Nepal is going to issue IPO from Magh 26. The company is going to issue 5,55,600 Kitta IPOs at the rate of Rs 100 per Kitta. Out of this, 2% or 11 thousand 112 shares have been allotted for employees and 5% or 27 lakh 780 shares have been allocated for mutual funds. General investors will be able to apply for the remaining 516,708 Kitta.

Investors will be able to apply till Phagun 1. If the IPO is not sold by that time, the application can be submitted till Phagun25. Applicant can apply for a minimum of 10 kitta and a maximum of 1000 kitta. The issue manager is NIC Asia Capital .

Emerging Nepal’s IPO has been given a double B Plus rating by the rating agency ICRA Nepal. It indicates a moderate risk rating for meeting financial obligations. Investors can apply from C-ASBA licensed banks and financial institutions and their branch offices from the Nepal Securities Board. Also, they can apply through my share.