Asian Life Insurance (ALICL) has called a general meeting.

The Annual General Meeting is convened to pass the dividend proposal announced by the company to distribute to the shareholders from the last financial year’s profit.

The company had announced to distribute 25 percent bonus shares and 2 percent cash dividend to the shareholders from the accumulated profit till the fiscal year 2076/77. The insurance company has convened its 13th annual general meeting on magh 21 at Hotel Diallo Lord’s Plaza, Adarshnagar, Birgunj to pass the same dividend. The meeting will start at 11:30 am.

The meeting will pass resolutions including authorizing the board of directors to amend the management letter and rules of insurance, seeking approval from the regulatory body to operate a mutual fund in Asian Capital Limited, which is 51 percent owned by the insurance, and authorizing the board of directors to implement it.

For the purpose of AGM, the insurance company is going to close the book on Magh 12 . Therefore, the existing shareholders who have traded in Nepse till Magh 11 will be able to participate in the general meeting of the insurance company and receive the dividend distributed by the insurance company.