A Comprehensive Guide to Buying a New AC: What to Keep in Mind ?

Summers are fast approaching, and it’s time to start planning to stay cool and comfortable indoors. One of the essential things to consider is buying a new AC, but it can be overwhelming with so many options available in the market. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep a few essential things in mind before making a purchase. Here are ten things to remember before you buy your new AC.

Think about your Budget

Before you start looking for an AC, it’s essential to decide on a budget. You can find a decent AC for as low as Rs 40,000, but premium models can cost you over a lakh. Having a pre-set budget in mind can narrow down your options and make the process simpler.

Know Your Payment Options:
Apart from cash or debit card payments, there are other options such as credit cards, Wallet Payments, and no-cost EMI that you can consider. Explore your options and make a decision that suits your financial situation.

Check the Prices Online:
If you plan to buy an AC offline, remember to check its price online as well. It can help you negotiate a better deal with the salesperson or even buy it from an online retailer.

Know the Size of Your Room:
The size of your room is an essential factor to consider while buying an AC. A 1 ton AC is sufficient for a room size of 100-120 sq ft, while a larger room may need a 1.5 or 2 ton unit.

The Floor of Your Home Matters:
Living on the top-most floor of an apartment building can affect the cooling efficiency of your AC. You may need a more powerful AC to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Split or Window: Choose What’s Best
There is not much difference between split and window ACs when it comes to cooling. However, split ACs are more expensive but offer better energy efficiency, noise reduction, and faster cooling.

Ask About the Coil:
The type of coil used in your AC affects its cooling efficiency and durability. Copper coils are more efficient, require less maintenance, and last longer than aluminium coils.

Look at the rating:
The power-saving rating of your AC determines its energy consumption and electricity bills. ACs with higher ratings may cost more, but they offer significant savings in the long run.

After-Sales Support:
Ensure that the brand you choose offers reliable after-sales services, such as regular maintenance, repairs, and replacements. It can help you save money and keep your AC running smoothly.

Don’t Fall for Gimmicks:
Focus on the essential features of an AC, such as durability, cooling efficiency, and energy consumption, instead of marketing gimmicks. It can help you make a wise investment and save money in the long run.

In conclusion, buying a new AC requires careful consideration of various factors to ensure that you get the best value for your money. Keep these ten things in mind, and you’ll be able to choose the perfect AC that suits your needs and budget.