Having yellow teeth has become a problem for many people, not taking proper care of teeth, Taking Tobacco, cigarette smoking can also cause yellowing of the teeth.

Yellow teeth not only tarnish the beauty of your face, but also reduce the self-confidence of many people. Today we will tell you the easy ways to get rid of Yellowness tooth.

  1. Tulsi has a wonderful power to remove the yellowness of teeth It not only removes the yellowness of the teeth but also protects against other oral and dental diseases. Drying the Tulsi leaves in the sun and after drying it, make a powder and mix it with toothpaste and brush it.
  2. It is still customary in our village to clean the teeth with salt and oil. Mixing 2-4 drops of pure mustard oil in the salt to clean the teeth will remove the yellowness of the teeth in a few days.
  3. Dry the orange peel and Tulsi leaves in the sun to make a powder After brushing your teeth, lightly massage the powder on your teeth Vitamin C and calcium from orange peel make teeth shiny
  4. Eating carrots daily after taking meal also removes tooth decay The fibers in carrots help to clean the teeth well.
  5. Neem is being used from long time to clean teeth. It has the power to whiten teeth and destroy tooth decay. It is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-septic. Cleaning teeth with neem (neem wood, small branch of neem) dailly does not cause any disease in the teeth and even if it is yellow, it is removed.
  6. Take out the juice of a lemon and mix it with the same amount of water. After eating, rinse it daily with the lemon water. By doing this, the yellowness of the teeth is removed and this panacea is also perfect for breathing problems.
  7. Strawberries are the sweetest and easiest way to brighten teeth The malic acid found in it makes the teeth white and shiny.
  8. Make a paste by crushing the banana. Massage the teeth with this paste for one minute daily, brush the teeth after the massage. This remedy removes the yellowness of the teeth.