Apple, which is using lightning port in iPhone, is going to have USB C port in its upcoming iPhone. According to the report, Apple is going to keep the Type C port from the iPhone-15 series.

If this is the case, now the iPhone can be charged from the charger of the Android phone.

According to a recently passed regulation by the European Union, all smartphone manufacturers must manufacture handsets with USB Type-C ports by 2024.

Iphone with lightning port

In the smartphone market, Apple is using lightning port in its products. But after 2024, Apple is ready to accept the EU new rule that only smartphones with Type C ports can be sold.

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Apple executive Greg Joswick said that they have no other option. However, he claims that Apple is not happy that Apple had to use USB Type C.

He told that If Apple had used the micro USB port in the beginning, the Lightning port and Type C port would never have been invented.

The Apple maker plans to produce handsets with Type C ports in 2024 or later. But it won’t be the first Apple product with a USB C port. Because the 10th version of the iPad already has a Type C port, it is also used for Mac computers.