Google has recently introduced the ‘auto-archive feature’ for Android users. Now users can enable this feature to download apps even when the storage of their phone is full. This feature is designed to reduce the storage space of apps that users don’t frequently use. It will reduce the space by almost 60% without deleting any of the phone’s data. Apps that have been reduced in size by auto-archive can be identified on the phone by a cloud icon.

The purpose of this feature is to provide Android device users with an option to free up space on their devices without completely uninstalling the app. After enabling the auto-archive feature, the less used apps will be partially removed, but the app icon and user data will remain completely safe.

To use the app again, the user can tap on the app icon to download it. After downloading, users can continue using the app from where they left off. Google Play Store product managers, Chang Liu and Lydia Gemmond, have stated that the auto-archive feature enables users to free up space on their devices without having to delete entire apps.

To use this feature, users can tap on the pop-up window that appears when they try to install an app from the Play Store and their device’s storage is full. They will be prompted to turn on the auto-archive feature.
once the feature is activated, it will reduce the size of apps that have not been used for a long time.

With this feature, users will be able to install an app even when their device has no available storage.

Currently, Google has made this feature available only for developers who use App Bundle to publish their apps.