While the ‘speed war’ is going on among the service providers, Dishhome is also about to be introduced with high speed internet.

Dish Home is set to announce new internet package with 300 mbps fiber internet plan with mesh router.

According to the general manager of company Ramesh Sapkota, the new fibernet plan will be announce at a very affordable price. He also inform that it has already submitted an application for service charge permission from telecom regulator NTA.

This internet with Mesh Wi-Fi technology is said to be cheaper and of better quality than other ISPs.

Dish Home has already announced that it is bringing WiFi 6 to the Nepali market collaborating with Huawei. The next-gen WiFi standard 802.11ax is a solid complement for high-speed broadband. It brings more capacity, good signal , and better data transmission across multiple devices.

Reciently, Dish Home has launched Campus WiFi for better connectivity in crowded areas such as Shopping malls, schools.
The Dish Home’s new 300 Mbps package will compete against WorldLink’s 600 Mbps, Vianet’s 175Mbps, and Classic Tech’s 500 mbps plan.

Currently, Dish Home has10/15/25/40/60/80/100 Mbps internet speed package with 1/3/6/12 months subscription plan.