The Public Service Commission has postponed all the pre-scheduled examinations from magh 11 to Magh end .

A meeting of the commission on Thursday decided to postpone the written exams from Magh 11 to Magh end, citing the rapid spread of corona infection.

“Due to the outbreak of COVID 19 in the staff working at the Public Service Commission, all the pre-scheduled written examination programs to be conducted by the Commission from Magh 11, 2078 to magh end 2078 have been postponed,” the commission said.

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Similarly, it has been decided to republish it by giving one week time for the examination after Phagun 1 .

“The written examination program, which has been postponed will be conducted from Phagun1, will be rescheduled at least seven days prior notice and the examination will be conducted as soon as possible,” the statement said.

According to the commission, apart from the written examination, other pre-determined functions of the commission will continue as usual.