Share prices of six companies have been adjusted on the Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE). Share prices of Himalayan Bank, Mithila Microfinance, Mirmire Microfinance, Kalika Power, Progressive Finance and Century Commercial Bank have been adjusted in Nepse on this day.

On the same day, Nepse adjusted bonus shares of Himalayan Bank 21.38 per cent, Century Bank 5.75 per cent, Mithila Microfinance (MLBBL) 25 per cent, Mirmire Microfinance 20 per cent, Kalika Power 15 per cent and Progressive Finance 7.01 per cent.

After the adjustment, the share price of Himalayan Bank has stood at Rs 398.75. The share price of Century is Rs 226, Mithila Microfinance Rs 1,567.20 and Mirmire Microfinance (MMFDB) Rs 1,295.83, Kalika Power (KPCL) Rs 450.43 and Progressive Finance Rs 331.68.

Nepse has adjusted the share price of these companies based on the last price of the previous trading day. On the previous trading day, Himalayan Bank closed at Rs 484 per share, Century Commercial Bank at Rs 239, Mithila Microfinance at Rs 1,959, Mirmire Microfinance at Rs 1,555, Kalika Power at Rs 518 and Progressive Finance (PROFL) at Rs 354.90. .

Shares of these companies will be traded on Monday based on the adjusted price.