Kathmandu. The government has said that Nepalese returning from abroad do not have to stay in the hotel quarantine if they show a PCR report at the airport that they do not have a corona.
Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation Yogesh Bhattarai said that those whose PCR report is negative will be able to go home directly.

There was widespread criticism of the government’s decision to allow foreign nationals to stay in hotel quarantines.

‘PCR passengers have to fill up a form on the government’s website. Nepal’s address should be clearly written ‘, Minister Bhattarai said,’ After coming to Nepal, if you show a negative report from the airport, you will be allowed to go home with a commitment to stay at home quarantine for 14 days. ‘

The government had decided to rescue stranded citizens in different countries and keep them in hotel quarantine for seven days. Minister Bhattarai said that those coming from countries where the rate of corona infection is low and PCR testing is easy will be brought to Nepal only after the PCR report is negative and they will not have to stay in the hotel quarantine. He said rescue flights would be conducted for countries where PCR testing was not easy.

Minister Bhattarai said that citizens coming to Nepal without PCR test should stay in hotel quarantine. Mentioning that there is a rule in other countries of the world that a person from another country has to bear the cost while staying in the quarantine, he said that one can stay in the hotel quarantine for 7 nights and 8 days out of 11,000.

He said, ‘Seven nights and 8 days package is 11 thousand if 2 people live in one room. If you live single, it is 17,500. It happens on an average of 15 hundred a day. ‘

“Hotels must meet health standards, have gates and compounds, have open spaces, be clean, have TVs and Wi-Fi in the rooms,” he said. “There should be attached toilets and bathrooms.” Drinking hot water should be arranged. Meals and food should be given 4 times. There are more than 2500 and 4000 hotels that are more expensive than that.