Vacancy on University Grants Commission (UGC) for Various Positions

The University Grants Commission (Vishwavidyalaya Anudan Aayog), Sanothimi, Bhakatpur publish a notice to announce vacancy for permanent recruitment through internal competition, open / inclusive competition. This notice has been published for the information of all those who have duly applied for the office hours within the stipulated time from the Nepali citizens who have reached the qualifications mentioned in the details.

Competitive written examination will be conducted by Public Service Commission.

Application form and Syllabus: can be downloaded from the Commission’s website

Salary and Facilities: As per University Grants Commission Staff Rules, 2078.

Trial period: 1 year for male employees and 6 months for female employees .

Other Services and Conditions: As per University Grants Commission Staff Rules, 2078.

The written examination program and the written examination program conducted by the Examination Center Public Service Commission will be published later on the Commission’s website and national daily newspaper.