Nepal Telecom has announced that it has started distribution of e-SIM from all the telecommunication offices in the country from the 8th of Mangsir.

The company had started distribution of e-SIM from the customer service center at Sundhara, Kathmandu from 31 Bhadra 2079.

Telecom has arranged that postpaid and prepaid customers who are currently using SIM cards can get free e-SIM if they want to get e-SIM, while customers who want to get new postpaid service will provided with e-SIM at the current selling price.

Nepal Telecom

QR code should be scanned to install e-SIM in mobile set. E-SIM can be used only in latest generation mobile sets with QR code facility. Therefore, the company has requested to go to the customer care center for e-SIM only after confirming whether the e-SIM is working/not working in the mobile set.

For this you have to dial *#06# from your mobile. When dialing in this way, if you see the numbers with the EID written on them, you can know that the e-SIM works in that set.

Similarly, you can find out whether the e-SIM is active or not by looking at the various options in the settings of mobile sets with iPhone and Android systems.

Even if you see an option called ‘Add Mobile Plan’ or ‘Add Data Plan’ in the settings of iPhone or Android, it is usually known that e-SIM is running on it.

Existing customers of Nepal Telecom who have a mobile set that supports e-SIM should fill and submit the required form to get that SIM.

What is E-SIM?

E-SIM is a type of virtual i.e. electronic SIM. With the availability of e-SIM, there is no need for a physical SIM card as it is now. According to the company, it can be used to make phone calls and use data, and all the tasks that are done with a physical SIM can be done.

Apart from mobile sets, e-SIM can be used in other devices and smart watches and wearable devices.