IME General Insurance Limited is going to issue right shares from phagun 22. Insurance is about to issue 40% of the existing paid up capital i.e. 100:40 shares.

The insurance company will issue 46 lakh 30 thousand 344 shares equal to Rs 4 crore 63 lakh 34 thousand 400 with a face value of Rs 100.

Insurance had closed the book on phagun 1 for the rightful eviction. Accordingly, only the shareholders of this insurance company, which has been traded on Nepse till magh 27, will be able to apply for the said rights.

Global IME Capital Limited is the Issue manager of the rights shares of the insurance company. Applications for the rights can be made from the registered and branch offices of Global IME Capital and IME General Insurance. Also, banks and financial institutions licensed by the Securities and Exchange Board of nepal(SEBON) and through Meroshare software can apply till Chaitra 13.

Credit rating agency ICRA Nepal has given ICRNP IR Triple B rating to the insurance company. This indicates moderate risk in fulfilling financial obligations.

The paid-up capital of this insurance company, which is currently Rs 1 arba 15 crore 75 lakh 86 thousand, will reach Rs 1 arba 62 crore 6 lakh 400 after the right Share.