Emerging Nepal has opened IPOs from today. The company has issued 5,55,600 IPOs worth Rs 5,55,60,000.

Out of which 2 percent or 11 thousand 112 shares have been secured for employees and 5 percent or 27 thousand 780 shares have been secured for collective investment funds. And, the remaining 5 lakh 16 thousand 708 shares will be issued to the public.

The interested investors should have submitted their application from Magh 26 to Falgun 1 .

According to the Issue manager NIC Asia Capital, people can apply for a minimum of 10 unit to 1,000 unit on this IPO,

Interested applicants can apply through C-ASWA member banks and financial institutions and through Meroshare website and app.

The company’s paid-up capital, which is currently Rs 50 crore 40 lakh, will exceed Rs 55 crore 56 lakh after the IPO.