Dashain offer

The Dashain and Tihar festivals are right around the corner, and Nepal’s leading internet service providers have come together to make your celebrations even more special. In this article, we will explore the exciting dashain offer from renowned ISPs such as WorldLink, Vianet, Dishhome Fibernet, Nepal Telecom, Subisu, Classic Tech, and CG Net. Get ready to enjoy high-speed internet, discounts, and fantastic deals this festive season.

WorldLink Dashain Offer

WorldLink is spreading the festive cheer in 2080 with a range of exciting Dashain offers:

1. WorldLink Festive Offer: Customers have a chance to win discounts of up to Rs 15,500 and unbeatable deals on a wide range of Samsung products. This offer is available to both new and existing WorldLink customers.

2. WorldLink Khalti Full Dashain Offer: By renewing their WorldLink accounts using Khalti wallets for 3 or 12 months, customers can win an unforgettable Dubai tour for 4 nights and 5 days.

Moreover, WorldLink is also offering special internet plans with up to Rs. 1,000 cashback on selected packages. Don’t miss out on these incredible deals!

Vianet Dashain Offer:

Vianet Dashain Offer

Vianet Communication’s “Chad Ma Chauka” Dashain offer for 2080 is creating waves:

  • The ISP is offering a blazing 125 Mbps internet package at just Rs 8,400 (+VAT) annually, making it the most affordable high-speed option in Nepal.
  • Customers can also enjoy discounts of up to 50% on Ultima Wireless Earbuds and Himstar Appliances.
  • Customers can grab these fantastic deals on favorite items, including Ultima Wireless Earbuds, Himstar Smart TVs, Refrigerators, and Washing Machines.

This offer is valid until Mangsir 9, 2080 (November 25, 2023). Elevate your festival celebrations with Vianet’s high-speed internet and exciting discounts.

Nepal Telecom FTTH Dashain Offer

Nepal Telecom FTTH Dashain Offer

Nepal Telecom is here to light up your Dashain and Tihar celebrations with exciting upgrades to their NT Fiber internet packages. Get ready for faster speeds and increased data limits. Here’s a glimpse of the NT Fiber Individual Package upgrades:

S.N.Current BandwidthUpgraded BandwidthCurrent FUP LimitFUP Per Day
110 Mbps25 Mbps20GB25GB
220 Mbps50 Mbps25GB50GB
330 Mbps50 Mbps30GB50GB
440 Mbps100 Mbps40GB100GB
580 Mbps150 Mbps60GB150GB

Dishhome Fibernet Dashain Offer (Fibernet Festival Offer):

Dishhome Fibernet Dashain Offer

Dishhome Fibernet’s “Double Speed Double Benefit” is here to double your festive joy. Get double the internet speed on your current plan price when you buy or renew for 12 months, or enjoy an extra 2 months of bonus when you recharge for the same duration.

Subisu Dashain Offer:

Subisu is celebrating Dashain and Tihar in 2023 with the “SUBISU MANGALMAYA OFFER,” offering unbeatable internet packages:

– 80 Mbps for 4 months at just Rs 4,999.

– 80 Mbps for 12 months at Rs 10,999.

– 200 Mbps for 12 months at Rs 12,999.

– 300 Mbps for 12 months at Rs 16,999.

Pay via CellPay and receive a cashback of up to Rs 500. Subisu is making sure your internet connection is as festive as your celebrations!

ClassicTech Dashain Offer:

ClassicTech is combining its Internet Packages with exciting gifts, including Videocon Smart TV, Honor X5 earbuds, and Nubia NEO 5G Mobile phones. Make your festival season tech-savvy with ClassicTech!

CG Net Dashain Offer:

CG Net is bringing three times the happiness this Dashain:

– Subscribe to their combo offer and enjoy 3x speed for 50 Mbps & 80 Mbps.

– Get cashback of Rs 500 on Internet+IPTV or Internet-only subscriptions.

– Upgrade your entertainment with Smart TV bundles, including 43″ and 32″ options, bundled with free high-speed internet.


This Dashain and Tihar, don’t miss out on the fantastic festival offers from Nepal’s top internet providers. From high-speed internet to incredible discounts and exciting giveaways, these offers will add an extra layer of joy to your celebrations. Make the most of this festive season with your preferred ISP and enjoy seamless connectivity and entertainment. Happy Dashain and Tihar!


WorldLink Dashain Offer

1. Who is eligible for WorldLink’s Dashain Festive Offer?

  • WorldLink’s Dashain Festive Offer is available to both new and existing customers, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

Vianet Dashain Offer

1. What is the speed and cost of Vianet’s 125 Mbps internet package in the Dashain Offer?

  • Vianet is offering a 125 Mbps internet package at just Rs 8,400 plus VAT annually, providing high-speed internet at an affordable price.

Nepal Telecom FTTH Dashain Offer

1. What are the upgrades in Nepal Telecom’s FTTH Dashain Offer, and how do they benefit customers?

  • Nepal Telecom is upgrading its NT Fiber internet packages with faster speeds and increased data limits. These upgrades offer customers faster internet and more data at their current subscription prices.

Dishhome Fibernet Dashain Offer

1. How can I avail of the “Double Speed Double Benefit” offer from Dishhome Fibernet during Dashain?

  • To enjoy Dishhome Fibernet’s offer, you can either buy or renew your subscription for 12 months to get double the internet speed on your current plan or recharge for the same duration to receive an extra 2 months of bonus.

Subisu Dashain Offer

1. What internet packages are available under Subisu’s “SUBISU MANGALMAYA OFFER” for Dashain and Tihar celebrations?

  • Subisu is offering various internet packages, including 80 Mbps for 4 months at just NRs 4,999, 200 Mbps for 12 months at NRs 12,999, and more. These packages cater to different user needs and budgets.

ClassicTech Dashain Offer

1. What gifts are included in ClassicTech’s Dashain Offer, and how can I receive them?

  • ClassicTech is offering gifts such as Videocon Smart TV, Honor X5 earbuds, and Nubia NEO 5G Mobile phones with their Internet Packages. Customers can avail of these gifts as part of the Dashain offer.

CG Net Dashain Offer

1. What benefits can I expect from CG Net’s Dashain Offer, especially in terms of internet speed and entertainment bundles?

  • CG Net’s Dashain Offer includes 3x speed on selected subscriptions, cashback options, and Smart TV bundles bundled with free high-speed internet. This allows users to enjoy faster internet and enhanced entertainment options.

General Dashain Internet Offers FAQ

1. When should I take advantage of these Dashain offers from Nepal’s top internet providers?

  • These Dashain and Tihar offers are available for a limited time. Be sure to check the specific expiration dates mentioned in the respective offers and act accordingly to make the most of them.

2. How can I contact these internet providers for more information or to subscribe to their Dashain offers?

  • To get more details about these offers or to subscribe, you can visit the official websites or contact the customer service of each respective internet provider.