CG Net has announced that the company has started postpaid internet service in Nepal. This is the first time in the history of Nepal that any ISP has started postpaid internet service in Nepal.

Under this scheme, the company will provide 250 Mbps internet Rs 1,049 and 250 Mbps with IPTV will provided for Rs 1,154 per month.

According to the company, with this plan, customers looking for high-speed internet at a low cost will now be able to benefit from the postpaid plan as they can now pay on a monthly basis instead of paying a lump sum.

According to Company, considering the needs of the customers, CG Net has introduced this new postpaid plan.

Launched on the concept of ‘service first, money later’, the company said the company offers a special service to pay customers after using the internet.

According to the company, it is cheaper than regular prepaid plans. Which provides service facilities equal to annual package even when paid monthly.

In addition, the company said that apart from the refundable deposit of Rs 2,500, the customer does not have to pay any additional charges such as router, drop-wire and connection costs.