The amount of shares purchased through broker’s TMS can be paid through Esewa. Esewa has recently launched this service, which is available in more than 35 brokers . According to Esewa ,the service will be available in the rest of the brokers after few days.

According to Esewa, no additional fees will be charged until the next month of Kartik when paying the amount through Esewa. Share investors will be able to pay the amount easily through Esewa on their mobile phone and they can also pay through the nearest Esewa zone point.

After Esewa started this service, Esewa believes that investors will get rid of the hassle of going to the broker’s office for payment. As this transaction will be done in real time, it will be easy for both brokers and investors, Esewa said.

Esewa is currently providing services to 5.2 million customers on Android mobiles and 1 million to 6 million customers on IOS mobiles through apps.

Earlier it was possible to load collateral from Connect IPS and from some banks into broker TMS.

Investors have to click on fund management in TMS and go to Collateral Management . After that, you can choose Esewa in the bank selection you want to send Money and send the amount easily by mentioning the collateral (the amount you want to pay).

How to Make TMS payment using Esewa?

  1. Logon To TMS.
  2. Click Fund Management and Go to Collateral Management in click on Load Collateral.

In this way, investors can load funds through Esewa from their computer, laptop, tablet or mobile.