Bonus shares of two companies have been listed on the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse) on Sunday. A total of 89 lakh 67 thousand 1 hundred 74.9 Kitta of bonus shares of Kumari Bank and Laxmi Microfinance have been listed on this day.

Today, 83 lakh 27 thousand 84.90 lots of bonus shares of Kumari Bank and 6 lakh 40 thousand 90 kitta of bonus shares of Laxmi Microfinance are listed in Nepse. Now, investors will be able to buy and sell these shares once these share reached in their demat account.

The Annual general meeting of Kumari Bank had passed a total dividend of 8.67 percent with 6 percent bonus and 2.67 percent cash ( for tax purposes) from the last financial year’s profit.

And AGM of Laxmi Laghubitta had passed 20 percent bonus share and 7.368421 percent cash dividend (for tax purposes).